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This is a replacement for the previous FAQ regarding stream rip uploads. We have ammended the former 'stream rip' rule so that radio stream rip uploads are allowed if they are taken from our whitelists or as before are "extremely rare and prized".

Note that your uploads falling foul of the provided rules will be removed. If you persistently upload stream rips which don't follow the rule you will lose the ability to upload. Please report any bad Stream Rip Upload to the admin team with the link provided.

Allowed Stream Rip Uploads...

There are two whitelists for allowed Stream Rip Uploads!

  • The first whitelist shows the allowed radio stations with the allowed stream rip bitrate, different for each radio station. Do not upload files with lower bitrates! Also, never ever upload files with 'higher' bitrates than those shown in the whitelist because transcodes are unacceptable! Uploads from allowed radio stations need to be 'mixed' (DJ sets or radio shows)!
  • The second whitelist shows special radio shows from radio stations not on the first whitelist. These are also allowed to be uploaded!

Whitelist of allowed radio stations and qualities
.. Radio Station Name / Link.. ..Allowed Quality For Mixed Sets.. 192 kbps MP3
Byte.FM 128 kbps MP3
DanceRadio 256 kbps OGG / 192 kbps MP3 256 kbps MP3 256 kbps MP3
Frisky Radio 128 kbps AAC+ / 128 kbps MP3
Party107 160 kbps MP3
Proton Radio 128 kbps MP3 / 192 kbps MP3
Pure.FM 128 kbps MP3

Whitelist of allowed special radio shows
..Radio Station Name.. ..Deejays.. ..Name of the Show.. ..Quality.. ..added..
- - none at the moment -

If your upload is not on one of the two lists; DO NOT UPLOAD!!

Do you have a very special radio show from internet radios not on the whitelists?

If you intend to upload shows from interesting DJ's not available on FM stations but only from some internet radio not on the whitelist, there is a way! Do not hesitate to send a PM to Ojay and ask for upload permission! He will check the show and might add your DJ / radio show to the second whitelist! After that you can do your upload...

Want to upload something "extremely rare and prized" ?

Stream rips not meeting at least one of the above conditions are only acceptable in the rarest of circumstance, for example this will be ok: Chicago House from the years 1977-1985.: "House from the Warehouse in Chicago, the birthplace of House and also from 1977, the year of birth of House". If you have a stream rip you believe fits our criteria of being "extremely rare and prized" You must seek permission by sending a message to the admin team by using this link.


  • Do not forget to follow all general rules set out by the FAQ!
  • Use the TMB torrent search function to check whether or not someone else already uploaded the set.
  • If you are given permission to upload an "extremely rare or prized" stream rip clearly state what the source was and upload the original file rather than transcoding to another format.

  • Note for the pedants: If you are recording from the radio (be it via satellite, FM or DAB) your source is still that, the radio broadcast not the transport stream. During the process of recording such a broadcast you may deal with the original transport stream, these uploads are not affected by this rule because the source is the original radio transmission. We define "stream rip" to be internet recordings, e.g. any data which you record from a streaming internet broadcast. This also includes archived internet stream broadcasts.