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We intend to be the 1st stop for torrents for: The Essential Mix, The Breezeblock, Kiss FM, XFM, Worldwide, BTTB, One World, Blue Room, The Milk Run, Solid Steel, Annie On One and much more...

If you like dance music, nightclubbing or anything related to: House, Trance, IDM, Breaks, Hard House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Big Beat, Trip-Hop, Turntablism or whatever spastic genre name is flavour of the month and haven't already signed up then what are you waiting for?

Surgeon's history of TMB

I was addicted to Suprnova grabbing loads of applications and music. The music constantly had a .nfo for http://coptang.f2s.com/ [themixingbowl]

I was in heaven, as many of you are when you first discovered the site.

It had categories for the Essential Mix, Breezeblock, Annie Nightingale, Peel Sessions and so forth. wow wow wow!

This was a site specialising in BBC Radio One shows , BTTB and Nova Radio

Bookmarked - I was the 200 and something member of the site. I registered sometime around August 2004... I swiftly looked for the site owner to basically congratulate his philosophy especially the Breezeblock and Essential Mix category. Coptang's join date was April 2004 so I knew this puppy was new.

I started upping torrents left, right and centre and TMB was attracting a stable amount of users per week, around 20 to 30. Suprnova was getting too big and millions of hits were the key to TMB's success.

Coptang, filth_E_boy (aka glint), DaezD and Baldfresh (R.I.P) were running the show. Baldfresh had the best avatar I had ever seen, some scary monster face with red eyes coming out of a black background!

Coptang then made me Mod (as it was then). Nicktids was then upgraded to Mod around about two months after me. Excellent knowledge of the inner workings of Azureus and invaluable for the FAQ.

Each night at 12:10 midnight, us Admins and SysOp would put all torrents uploaded that day onto Suprnova, basically personally grabbing all torrents throughout the day! Upping them at that time meant they would go on the main page and would stay there for a matter of two days, the ultimate advertising as all torrents on Suprnova directed you to TMB! By October 2004 TMB was getting a shed load of new members directed by hitting torrents on Suprnova, sometimes 100 new members a day. The load was becoming too much on Coptang's free web space on his ISP! Something needed to be done, so we asked for donations and got stable hosting (so we thought) and moved from http://coptang.f2s.com/ to http://www.themixingbowl.org. The dot org was the choice of the admin - sounds important.

Anywooooo Coptang then spent fooking hours-days-weeks-months sorting out the beta version of the new site with great input from glint, baldfresh and DaezD. We started at the very tail end of December 2004 and opened our doors to a select few original members a couple of weeks after that to check for errors and then to the masses around February 2005.

We have had one fuck up since the site was originally formed as http://coptang.f2s.com/ by a host admin error [cnuts]... but that's it - but that was very fucking annoying!

TMB is beautiful, and we owe a lot of gratitude to Coptang.

  • Filth_E_boy for a lot of effort behing the scenes with .php and general site maintainace
  • teezed for a lot of code <--- shit loads of code (I love the ban and warning feature!)
  • DaezD for his comedy - I miss him - where the fuck are you dude?
  • mbw23 for never being here [admin since new site was opened]
  • gforce for being a complete dude - one of the original "old man" tags
  • Baldfresh was amazing - I miss his IRC chats and always amazingly helpful on OiNK and Indietorrents
  • Me - well Im too bored at work all day! Internet access is great!
  • Nicktids - amazingly helpful with Azureus queries and very good with helping ppl in torrent support

2004 screenshot of Mr Coptangs Mixing Bowl

In the begining it was called Coptangs Wack Shack but one of his mates couldn't view it from work as wack is a rude word and lo, TMB was born. Mrcoptangsmixingbowl2004.jpg