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Mary Anne Hobbs
Genre: Electronica, Experimental
Host: Mary Anne Hobbs
Time: Wed 02:00-04:00
Station: BBC Radio 1
Country: UK

The Breezeblock was broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in the UK and ran from 17th February 1997 to 2nd September 2010, broadcast late at night during the week. Its final timeslot was every Wednesday morning from 2am to 4am (GMT). The Breezeblock was presented by Mary Anne Hobbs.

On 25 September 2006 the Breezeblock moniker was dropped and the show renamed to Mary Anne Hobbs: BBC Radio 1's Experimental Show. Though accompanied by a time slot change, the show's format, purpose, and breadth of genre remained very similar.

Year packs

Schedule history

From Slot
(Oct 1996) (Midnight-4am, Thursday night. MAH show before the Breezeblock ever started) [1]
Monday 17 Feb 1997 Midnight-1am, Monday - Thursday nights. (Start of MAH show Mo-Th 2230-0100) [2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
Monday 27 July 1998 Midnight-2am, Monday - Wednesday nights. (Thurs replaced by Andy Kershaw) [9][10][11][12]
Monday 12 Oct 1998 Midnight-2am, Monday & Tuesday nights. (Weds replaced by Gilles Peterson Worldwide, end of preceding 2230-0000 MAH show) [13][14][15][16][17]
Monday 20 Sept 1999 Midnight-4am, Monday night. (Tuesday replaced by MAH's Rock Show). Usually two mixes: a 60 min Headline Set & a 30 min Showcase Set [18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25]
Monday 5 Nov 2001 Midnight-2am, Monday night. (2am-4am replaced by 7 weeks of Essential Mix reruns). Just one mix: usually 45 mins or 30 mins [26][27][28][29][30]
Tuesday 27 July 2004 1am-3am, Tuesday morning [31][32][33]
Monday 25 Sept 2006 2am-4am, Friday morning. Renamed Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Show [34][35][36][37]
Friday 12th Oct 2007 2am-4am, Wednesday morning [38]
Thursday 24th Sept 2009 2am-4am, Thursday morning [39][40][41]. Mary Anne's farewell show was Thursday 2nd Sept 2010, with two of her favourite repeats aired on Thursday 9th Sept 2010.


  • Monday night means Monday night into Tuesday morning, midnight starts are dated Monday
  • Friday morning means Thursday night into Friday morning, a.m. starts are dated Friday

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