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If you know of very interesting radio stations broadcasting DJ sets or live band appearances that are not in the list, do not hesitate to add it.

Click on the provided links to check the shows or to start the radio stream. For feature explanations of the following listing, look at the bottom of the table!

Dance Radio Stations broadcasting radio shows, original DJ sets and live-sets of bands around the World
Flag Lang Radio Station Main show / Schedule / Calendar Analogue Digital (MP2) Internet
Germany.gif --- 1LIVE 1LIVE Rocker (EDM) FM, cable 320k DVB-S 32k WMA (mono)
Ireland.gif engl. 2FM 2FM Dance Sessions FM 192k DAB 20-64k RA
Israel.gif --- 99ESC Schedule FM, cable --- 32-48k WMA
Earth.jpg engl. BassDrive 30+ D'n'B Shows - Calendar --- --- 128k MP3
UKflag.gif engl. bbc Radio1 The Essential Mix, Worldwide, etc. FM 192k Freeview 20-48k RA
UKflag.gif engl. bbc 1Xtra New Black Music - Schedule --- 160k Freeview 20k WMA
UKflag.gif engl. bbc 6music 6 Mix --- 160k Freeview 10k WMA (mono)
Holland.gif engl. / 3fm BNN Los! FM (3FM) --- 192k MP3 (
Earth.jpg engl. 40+ Breaks Shows - Schedule --- --- 128k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. 30+ EDM Shows - Calendar --- --- 64k PRO (plugin)
France.gif --- Clubbing FM 128k DVB-S 128k MP3
Germany.gif --- Das Ding Plattenleger (EDM) FM, cable 320k DVB-S 48k WMA
Holland.gif engl. 10+ House Shows - Defected - Schedule cable --- 128k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. 30+ EDM Shows - Calendar --- --- 96k MP3 ($: 192k)
Turkey.gif engl. 30+ EDM DJs Overview FM --- 32k AAC+
France.gif --- DJ Radio FG Club FG (EDM) FM 192k DVB-S 128k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. 50+ EDM Shows - Calendar --- --- 192k MP3, 96k AAC+
Austria.gif engl. fm4 LaBoumDeluxe (EDM) Unlimited (MashUp) FM 192k DVB-S 160k Ogg
Holland.gif engl. Club Fresh (ASOT, In Session, Grooves) FM --- 128k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. Frisky Radio 40+ EDM shows - Calendar --- --- 160k MP3
Germany.gif --- Fritz Soundgarden (EDM), Rave Satellite (Techno) FM, cable 320k DVB-S 20-64k RA
England.gif engl. Galaxy Hed Kandi, Tidy Boys, ... FM 128k DVB-S/DAB WMA (UK only)
Germany.gif --- 10+ EDM shows - Calendar --- --- 128k MP3
UKflag.gif engl. Kiss100 John Digweed, Tall Paul - Schedule --- 128k DVB-S/DAB WMA (UK only)
USA.gif engl. KTU New York KTU Riddler - Schedule FM --- 32k WMA
Spain.gif --- Maxima.FM In Sessions FM 160k DVB-S 16-32k RA (mono)
Argentina.gif engl. Metro 95.1 Metrodance - Schedule FM --- WMA (ARG only)
UKflag.gif engl. MinistryOfSound many DJs - Schedule --- 128k DVB-S/DAB 32k WMA ($: 96k)
Germany.gif --- N-Joy N-Joy Soundfiles (HipHop / EDM) FM, cable 320k DVB-S 20-64k WMA
Earth.jpg engl. Party107 30+ EDM shows - Calendar --- --- 160k MP3
Austria.gif engl. Play.FM Audio Database (Radio / On Demand) --- --- 128k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. Proton Radio 20+ EDM shows - Calendar --- --- 128k MP3
Holland.gif engl. Radio 538 Dance Department (EDM) FM 192k DVB-S 96k WMA
Sweden.gif --- RadioSeven ICAM Sessions - Intuition --- --- 128k MP3
London.gif engl. Resonance Artistic (experimental) - Schedule FM --- 128k Ogg
London.gif engl. Rinse FM Grime & Dubstep - Forums (hidden) --- (hidden)
Japan.gif engl. Samurai FM Schedule (Live Radio / On Demand) --- --- 96k MP3
Earth.jpg engl. Sol. Steel Radio Solid Steel FM --- 128k WMA
Germany.gif --- Sputnik Intensivstation Boris Dlugosch - In The Mix FM, cable 320k DVB-S 128k MP3
Belgium.gif --- Studio Brussel It Is What It Is, Switch, Worldwide FM 192k DVB-S 96k MP3
Germany.gif --- sunshine-live Mellomania De Luxe, SSL Technoclub FM, cable 192k DAB/DVB-S 16-64k RA
Australia.gif engl. Triple J (JJJ) JJJ MixUp FM --- 128k MP3
UKflag.gif engl. XFM The Rinse - Schedule FM, cable 192k DVB-S/128k DAB 32k WMA (UK only)
Germany.gif --- YouFM Clubnight (EDM) FM, cable 320k DVB-S 96k MP3

The list contains the radio stations, links to the main radio show or the schedule and some info about the availability of english explanations on-site.

For available terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasts (all possible MP2-based DVB/DAB varieties) and internet streams (MP3, AAC+ and others), only the sources with the highest freely accessible bitrates are given. Some entries are in part color-coded. Cells with a green background color indicate broadcasts in exceptionally high quality - use this source if you want to record shows! Cells with a red background color indicate bitrates not suitable for uploads to the TMB tracker.

Minimum acceptable bitrates for recording the MP2 format (DAB, DVB-S, DVB-T) are 160kbit/s, for MP3 broadcasts you need at least 128kbit/s, for WMA broadcasts at least 96k, for AAC+ broadcasts at least 64-80kbit/s.

Note, that UK internet broadcasts are in general restricted to UK residents - your degree of success in getting the streams will vary - sometimes it works, sometimes it does not!!

If you are looking for possibilities to access radios not listed by the table: