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The Scripts

See all the scripts here

alertOnNonEmptyTextArea Show an alert if navigating away from a page with a modified textarea

hideSearch button to hide/show search options. Unfortunately not working on advanced search, but still useful to hide the block of space the search options take, eg- bigcloud

showsearchtext shows name of search instead of colored pills. Preview

removesticky removes sticky threads from of course it won't retrieve more posts, so you might not be left with many threads on the first page.

latestpost Creates a link on forum pages to the latest post of a thread. Handy for those big threads like animated gif/picture gallery, save you loading all the images just to check the latest post.

showtagimages Shows the tag icons (instead of tag text) on torrent details page, looks betterer. Preview

For your browser


Install the Greasemonkey addon, now you can just click the Install button on the userscript pages (see above).


To enable user JavaScript, use Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options, and select the directory where you will put your User JavaScript files. Opera will load all files in the specified directory whose names end with .js and will use them as User JavaScript files. If a file name ends with .user.js it will be assumed to use Greasemonkey notation. You may want to add aagmfunctions.js to your Opera userscript directory as it will enable Greasemonkey specific functions which means it's much more likely a Greasemonkey script will actually work. Read more information on User JavaScript in Opera


Chromium and Google Chrome (version 4 and higher) have built-in support for Greasemonkey-style user scripts. To use, click on any .user.js file. You should see an install dialog. Press OK to install.


The Styles

New color theme for the bowl, makes it orangey (you can see a preview if you follow the link). I've added comments to the source so if you know a bit of CSS you can make your own theme!

tmbthin1 + tmbthin2 remove some of the vertical blank space between the top torrent box and content. Either use tmbthin1 or both.

For your browser



Basically the same as for userscripts, it just goes in the css directory instead.