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MP3 is short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 and it is the preferred audio format at The Mixing Bowl due to its compatibility and high quality when used at high bitrates.


LAME is the recommeded MP3 encoder at The Mixing Bowl. Some benefits of using LAME:

MP3 creation with the LAME encoder

To save yourself reading and researching a lot of information, here is a very quick guide to using LAME:

For a more complete guide please read the LAME page on the wiki.

CD Ripping

The best way to rip CDs to MP3 is with EAC. The following three EAC guides are very good:

Further Reading

Hydrogenaudio are widely regarded as the digital audiophile site on the web. Most of the audio codec developers are members of the forum, and the information detailed there in stickies and posts, in our opinion, is the best available anywhere on the internet.

Hydrogenaudio have officially announced a successor to their previoulsy recommended LAME mp3 encoder version 3.90.3. The recommended version is now 3.97 beta 2.

  • See this post for details on the LAME 3.97 beta Hydrogenaudio recommendation.
  • See this post for the Hydrogenaudio recommended LAME settings.
  • See this post for a high level overview of the LAME versions.