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Getting started - or - What is this all about?

The TMB Wiki is the central point to find information about all TMB-related aspects of torrenting, important radio shows, famous live events, the definition of music styles, how to find out about the quality of the music files on the main TMB site. Even more so it will provide hints and guidelines for the more advanced users of TMB such as the preparation of high quality uploads, the tools needed for that, tips and tricks around cue-sheets .... and more. But to make all this come true, your interaction with the Wiki is required. Simply said: Do not hesitate to add things you want to see here and that you think might be interesting for other TMB users. It does not matter whether or not you are a 'n00b', an experienced user or a TMB admin, just do it.

  • You can find a list of pages that need improving in the stubs category.

But we also need to say what this Wiki is not about: The TMB Wiki is NOT a replacement for very basic TMB-related things such as the TMB-Rules, the TMB-FAQ, Bittorrent, 'how-to-download', the ratio system or about in general. If you are not familar with these things then, please, try the FAQ first.

Ressources / Information

  • Audio Formats: All TMB-related audio formats.
  • Live Events: Main events around the world with some impact on TMB - Global Gathering, Love Parade, WMC, Dance Valley, ...
  • Popular Artists: It's all gone Pete Tong but it's not all Pete Tong.
  • Radio Shows: Radio Shows with lots of details (time, broadcasting format,...)
  • Radio Stations: bbc Radio1 and other TMB-relevant radio stations (FM, SAT, internet-based, frequencies, bitrate(s),...)

TMB Guides

External Links

Wiki User's Guide - How to use this wiki.

Trainspotted. - An ongoing collaborative tracklisting resource for non commercial mixes (Including various Essential mixes) with cue sheets available occasionally.