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MakeTorrent is a utility for creating torrent files.

How to make a torrent using MakeTorrent 2

  1. Right now to create a torrent firstly sort the files you wish to share and place them in to a new directory appropriately named. Include in this director as much information in a text file, for example the tracklist of the mix. Also include themixingbowl nfo file which can be found here, This helps other people find where they got the file from if further sharing goes on, so that we can get more members.
  2. Now open Make Torrent 2, which can be downloaded here. Fill in the details of theAnnounce URL = this is also known as the tracker on other programs. Place in the comment box, and locate the directory of the files you want to share and select all. Then press create torrent now.Maketorrent1.png
  3. The next step asks to point to the directory where you want to save the torrent file. Make the torrent name as descriptive as possible.Maketorrent2.png
  4. Select save and the torrent is created.Maketorrent3.png
  5. Next you need to go to the upload page, you need to ask to become and uploader to do this here.
  6. Fill in all the options; Torrent file, Torrent name, Description, Type, Genre, Forum. Each option is very important.
  7. Then you need to download the torrent on the site and re-download the file for seeding.
  8. Sit back, watch everyone uploading from you and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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