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The site RSS feed allows you to get a feed of the latest torrents uploaded to our site and directly download them into your client. This can help keep on top of shows or genres that you enjoy.

Available Feeds

Human-readable forum feed
Direct torrent download feed

Authentication To access the feeds, you need to authenticate with your TMB user credentials. There are two ways to do this

  • if your client supports it, it will prompt you for your credentials
  • directly provide your credentials in the URL like this:


Without any restrictions in the URL, the feed will contain all new torrents. You will need use your client downloader settings to filter. But you can also restrict your feed to a particular tag, artist, dates etc of torrents by adding filters to the above URL.

Update inveral

The recommended time between each RSS request is 15 minutes - this is the default in most clients. The absolute minimum allowed is 10 minutes.


  • to get a feed of torrents tagged as jungle for your torrent client use this url:
  • or to perform a free text search
  • more examples: mixes on one
  • multiple filter examples: mix, year:2010, codec:mp3 OR breakcore

If you have trouble with spaces, replace spaces with %20 or a + (plus sign)

More filtering

Filter your feed using any of the search terms explained in the help on the normal torrent search on the TMB website:

         o title: Only searches title
         o description: Only searches description
         o uploader: streetjack
         o year: 2007, -2006 (not 2006)
         o size: 88mb (88MB+), -1g (-1GB)
         o tag: techno, "live dj mix"
         o artist: 4hero, "DJ Shadow"
         o codec: mp3, aac, -ogg
         o bitrate: 192 (at least), -256 (less than)
         o length: 60min (at least), -1h (less than)
         o start: 2007-01-02
         o end: 2007-05-06
         o seeders: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o leechers: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o files: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o snatches: 100 (100+), -50 (-50)
         o topten: username
         o free: yes/no
         o bookmarked: yes/no

This syntax of searching also works by typing into the search box tag:live

Tags can be anything, some examples are the classictags and the bigcloud

Tags will match case insensitive text, eg: tag:house will match House, Progressive house, Deep House and Tech House .. etc