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We are an archive site, which means that old torrents are not deleted. However this has the consequence that many torrents are without seeders, so they seem dead. However, a seed for these torrents is just a few clicks away. If you see the text 'Click here to request a reseed' on a torrent without seeds that you want - simply click it and automatically a message is sent to the last 10 snatchers & the uploader. If the same torrents has multiple reseed requests, each subsequent requests will message the next 5 snatchers. You can see all the open reseed requests on the following page which can be found under the Torrents menu - There is a ratio bonus for anyone who seeds a 'reseed requested' torrent, it's calculated as an additional 25% of the uploaded amount for each reseed requestor, e.g. if 2 people have requested a reseed on a torrent then ratio is x1.5, 4 requests means double ratio. The bonus is applied after the fact which means that there will be a delay before the bonus is applied.

A reseed can be requested on any torrent which has not had a seeder for at least 14 days. You will see a link to request a reseed on the torrent thread and torrent details pages. There is no penalty to request a reseed!

The requirements to request a reseed are the same as megatorrents, i.e. download minimum of 1.5GB and a ratio at least 0.75. Requesting reseeds is limited to 1 per day for users & uploaders, everyone else gets unlimited - please don't abuse it!