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Phenomenally gifted [http://themixingbowl.org/browse.php?incldead=1&anor=or&search=essential&sort=added/ Trance]  DJ with teh 1337 Fisher Price sk1llz. Nickname coined by Vital1c. [http://themixingbowl.org/thread/view/29041/?page=1#228616]
Phenomenally gifted [http://themixingbowl.org/torrent/search/?search=tag:Trance Trance]  DJ with teh 1337 Fisher Price sk1llz. Nickname coined by Vital1c. [http://themixingbowl.org/thread/view/29041/?page=1#228616]
[[Image:Tiesto_turntables.jpg|thumb|none|300px|Titso showing off M4d sk1llz]]
[[Image:Tiesto_turntables.jpg|thumb|none|300px|Titso showing off M4d sk1llz]]
[[Image:ravers.jpg|thumb|none|300px|Titso fans!]]
[[Image:ravers.jpg|thumb|none|300px|Titso fans!]]

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A jaybeee

To do a "jaybeee" is to be the first to post on a new page in an existing thread without referencing any previous post; so anyone who reads it doesn't know what the hell you are on about [1].


A jaybeee, often amusingly misspelled Jaybee [2] & [3], is also a type of TMB admin.

Android Name

Real TMBers; the popular top notch in-crowd of bowlers, all have an android name which is secret and only they know about. To get in with the cool kids you should PM your android name to Nifty so he can add it to the android name database. Within a week you will find whole new world of online popularity opening up to you.

To figure out your android name follow these steps carefully:

It's your full name, followed by your main credit or debit card number, followed by your full address, followed by the expiry date of the card, followed by the card type, followed by the security number on the signature strip and the issue number (switch cards only).

REMEMBER: Your android name only becomes valid once you have PMed it to Nifty.

Awwww, blee, just install iy nor

Just one of the teachings imparted by our esteemed Commander-in-Chief, Coptang.

Camals camals

Jesus Jesus never come near
Jesus Jesus never come near
Because I don't want you here
Jesus Jesus never fear
Really Jesus never fear

Jesus Jesus good old
Jesus I can say
Jesus Jesus thank you for this lovely day

camals camals

irv'ing (or to irv)

Synonymous to making something FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition) in the manner of the TMB admin by the same name. Also synonymous with "DWSR'ing" or "Clouseau'ing" as this entry ironically screwed up the alphabetical order of the TMB'ism wiki after DWSR added it. Both synonyms coined by kbatman. However, it should be noted that DWSR 'claimed' he screwed up the entry on purpose, in order to give an example of what it is 'to irv'.

irvinator or to be irv'inated

Is an aggressive variation of irv'ing, whereby the irv'ing is intentionally done to a victim of choice by irv. It is usually manifested in the form of a funny change to ones avatart or custom title. Most notable victims include Hoozn and Hungryanteater.

The Irvinator

Bid voyeurism

To watch bids on e-bay with the intent to causing mental instability to the person selling the item being watched, bid voyeurs will try to encourage others to join in "the watch" and maybe even ask the seller random questions that are likely to incite "bay rage" [4]

Don't Know What Film It Is?

If you don't know what the film is - chances are it's Spykids [5].

Drugs Are Bad, mmkay?

Drugs are bad

Drugs Are Bad

Fart in your mouth, slap some taint

The greatest put-down in the history of the modern put-down. First recorded in tmb-irc circa 2006.


Now sure who coined it, or where it came from. Stands for FOR FUCKS SAKES, could also be OH FFS!

Fish, or to Fish

Started around Chinese Whispers 10 due to the immense amount of time it took to do a simple collaborative mix. To fish is to not keep the mix passing round

Fucky you guy (aka ocoisa)

fucky you... I am a stupid motherfucker and my IP has been blocked. I would love to stay and converse like a rational human being, but since I had a large penis inserted in my ear it has made it almost impossible for me to act in any other way than the plankton that I am


An act of sexual aggression but with no harm intended. Practised by Rees and other no good student types!!!

Ham pockets

Yay for ham pockets.

Hot Blocker

Coined by irv.

Any ugly fucker that stands between you and a hotty on public transport (particularly the Tube), obscuring your view of said hotty and therefore ruining the only joy that public transport has to offer.


I am not from there.

"I Wanna Upload" Muppet

A person who wants to contribute to TMB by sharing stuff but clearly cannot read HUGE RED LETTERS. Look Here

Jump the shark, to

According to cipater72, "jumping the shark" is "a reference to when something has become convoluted and a parody of itself, it loses sight of its former goals and becomes silly and meaningless. It comes from the programme Happy Days and was seen as a season too far when Fonzie jumped over a shark whilst water skiing". And dont even try to call this definition in question, because cipater72 is a resident who already donated to themixingbowl :)


An insignificant or nominal amount, particularly (but not necessarily) in reference to bittorrent sites, e.g. "What.cd and Waffles are neck-and-neck, more or less - give or take a Libble."

Macwest (or to Macwest)

Hotlink an image from another site which results in an alternative image displayed for everyone Nohotlinking.jpg


You get this TMB classic for incredibly l33t achievements like uploading 100GB (w00t??? respeeect maaan) or being a member for a year (its harder than you think thanks to the shiny red admin button). And if you should take it too seriously, check out the definition of Whoopdy Fuckin Do ;-)

The Medal

New Job

Something apparently not only worth posting about on TMB in its own thread, but also worth telling people you know in real life after you've read somebody else got one. May also be accompanied by a news announcement on the main page. Example

New job announcement


Acronym for "Not Safe For Work" but potentially means "Not suitable for anybody anywhere." If you are easily offended, in the presence of minors or using a publicly viewable computer you should not enter a forum thread marked NSFW. Expect to be offended at some point but mostly expect to see lovely human females in various states of undress. Always check links before clicking, unless you really want to find out about Tub Girl and Meatspin.

Owl flirting

A euphemism for "having an erection", e.g. "Don't mind the dog; one can only expect such a welcome when he's flirting with the owl as he is." - luvtub [6]

No Wai!

Pary Hardy!

General expression of joy, originally signifying the desire to 'party hard' during the celebration of a New Year, coined (accidentally) by casuale [7]


Acapella collection, most notably uploaded by Plugg


The Renegade Internet Cat Hating Alliance [8]



Misunderstood, misused and mis-interpreted. pentry hates it, irv loves it, sHiNgO never really explained himself.


Anatomical reference, specifically female human, a.k.a. perineum, chinrest : derived from "T'aint pussy, t'aint ass."

The Random Thread a.k.a "Ouch" [9]

"So, you can see that it's green, and it's not even a new one!"

Tit Monday

That special day in the year when, for the first time, the temperature rises above that magical point which causes girls getting dressed in the morning to decide to show a bit of nork.


Phenomenally gifted Trance DJ with teh 1337 Fisher Price sk1llz. Nickname coined by Vital1c. [10]

Titso showing off M4d sk1llz
Titso fans!


Habituated by the small number of TMB members who can figure out how to use IRC. Gay innuendo and Vito's tales of dog rape are the order of the day. #themixingbowl is a sanctuary for TMB's most bitter and twisted individuals. There is nothing better than after a long hard day of wanking at work to jump into #themixingbowl and enjoy a spit-roasting. Beware of the lurkers, chances are its your mum and she wont be happy about the naughty words you have been saying.

The best banter to be had when everyone is fucked up on Stella.

BTW, Rad hates M$ and we thank Mook for the endless enjoyment he provides by entertaining his rants.

The Daddy

When you haven't uploaded enough he comes to your house and shits on your settee. It takes weeks to get rid of the smell, not to mention his entourage of Tong-crazed pilled-up lunatics.

I can see your settee from here.......

Whoopdy Fucking Do

while not originating on TMB, it has, courtesy of Snykch [11], become a standard cynical and withering reply to self-fellating threads, e.g. "My 10th Post", "I've uploaded a megabyte!", "I'm 1 Year Old!!!" etc. [12]

Widging (or to Widge)

Losing ones job due to excessive use of the broadweb whilst at work, this includes 'Bowling, emailing and looking at too much (is there such a thing?) porn whilst you are supposed to be doing the job your frickin' paid to do!!!!


A mythical place that exists only in legend. [13]

Why Ratio?

A question many times posed within the TMB community - to which there are many answers - none said so succinctly as when surgeon responded:

"leave TMB if your gonna come to us with such a question ... stupid fucking question .. think b4 asking such lame questions in future please

I mean it !!!"

Now almost TMB-lore it's a dangerous enquiry to make and only n00bs or the TMB elite can get away with it.

NB: Hyperglitter and J-F are not the TMB elite.