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updated rss

RSS Specifics

If you want to download the torrents directly please use:

To access a forum feed you can use the url:

Basic or cookie authentication can be used or you may supply a username and password like this:

Without any restrictions in the url, you will need use your client downloader settings to filter. You can also restrict your feed to a particular tag, artist, dates etc of torrents by adding to the above url.

Here are some examples:

to get a feed of torrents tagged as jungle for your torrent client use this url:

more examples: mixes on one

multiple restriction examples: mix, date:2010, codec:mp3, snatched:no, seeders:1 OR breakcore

if you have trouble with spaces (I didn't have any trouble with utorrent), replace spaces with %20 or remove them if possible

General searching info

Filter your feed using any of the search terms explained in the help on the clean torrent page:

         o title: Only searches title
         o description: Only searches description
         o uploader: streetjack
         o year: 2007, -2006 (not 2006)
         o size: 88mb (88MB+), -1g (-1GB)
         o tag: techno, "live dj mix"
         o artist: 4hero, "DJ Shadow"
         o codec: mp3, aac, -ogg
         o bitrate: 192 (at least), -256 (less than)
         o length: 60min (at least), -1h (less than)
         o start: 2007-01-02
         o end: 2007-05-06
         o seeders: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o leechers: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o files: 2 (at least 2), -3 (less than 3)
         o bookmarked: yes/no
         o snatched: yes/no
         o snatches: 100 (100+), -50 (-50)
         o topten: username
         o free: yes/no

This syntax of searching also works by typing into the search box tag:live

Tags can be anything, some examples are the classictags and the bigcloud

Tags will match case insensitive text, eg: tag:house will match House, Progressive house, Deep House and Tech House .. etc