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Amarok (formerly known as amaroK) is a free software and open source software music player for Linux and other Unix-like. It makes use of core components from the KDE desktop environment, but is released independently of the central KDE release cycle, and is developed with a desktop-agnostic policy.

Despite the fact that Amarok uses wolf-based artwork, and that the name "amarok" or "amaroq" literally refers to the Inuktitut word for "wolf", it was originally named after the album Amarok by Mike Oldfield. The 1.2 release originally had a wolf icon, but this was later withdrawn due to similarity with the logo of WaRP Graphics Inc. Amarok's wolf logo has now been modified sufficiently so as not to infringe on WaRP's trademark logo, and re-instated.

Originally it was named amaroK, with an upper-case "K" related to KDE application naming conventions. It was, however, renamed to Amarok in June 2006 after intensive discussions on usability at a KDE-based business conference|conference, K3M, in May the same year.