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Introduction to CD Wave

CD Wave designed to help convert single long wav recordings of cassette or vinyl into many MP3 files. It can also be used as handy tool to create cue sheets. It's shareware with a 31 day trial, but still works after this trial period.

How to create a cue sheet

CD Wave has an Auto Split function that looks for silent gaps, but for DJ mixes you need to do it manually.

  1. Convert your file to .wav. Only wav files can be imported, but remember to delete the wav afterwards!
  2. Open the temporary .wav in CD Wave. The application shows three main views - at the top a waveform of the complete file; in the middle a waveform of the current section of the file; at the bottom a list of tracks.
  3. Move the vertical bar to where the track changes and split. Remember to pause the track first before splitting or it'll split in the wrong place.
  4. If you make a mistake, you can right click the track in the bottom pane and "Delete track split".
  5. Click the new track name and F2 to enter a track name. Don't put quotes in the track names, it can't handle them properly. You can add them later.
  6. Repeat for all the tracks
  7. File->Save cue sheet... and save in the same folder as the .mp3
  8. Almost done, just need to tidy up the .cue. Open the .cue file a text editor like Notepad
  9. Edit the first line so it doesn't have the full path, and change ".wav" to ".mp3" and "WAVE" to "MP3". See example 1 below.
  10. CD Wave just includes a single line for title. If you want, you may add performer fields. See example 2 below.
  11. Add in any apostrophes or what not.
  12. Check the cue with your music player, and optionally embed it to the .mp3 file.
  13. Delete the temporary .wav file!

Example 1, fix the first line:

FILE "C:\Temp\1997-12-15 - Breezeblock - Primal Scream\[1997-12-15] - Primal Scream - Part 1.wav" WAVE
--> to -->
FILE "[1997-12-15] - Primal Scream - Part 1.mp3" MP3

Example 2, add performer lines:

TITLE "Miles Davis - Great Expectations"
--> to -->
TITLE "Great Expectations"
PERFORMER "Miles Davis"

Handy shortcut keys

  • Space: play/pause
  • Alt-S: set a mark
  • mouse wheel up or down: skip forward/back

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