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YouFM Clubnight
Genre: Dance
Host: Varies
Time: Sat 9:00-11:00pm (+1 GMT)
Station: You FM
Country: Germany


Clubnight has gone through several incarnations since it first began in 1990. It was originally known as HR3 Clubnight and each show lasted three hours. In 2001 the radio station changed their name and became known as XXL Clubnight. If you have ever seen or downloaded a Clubnight mix with the name "HR3 XXL Clubnight", it was because of the radio station name change. In 2004 the radio station changed their name once again, this time to YouFM, and shortened the length of their shows to two hours.
Although well-known for their famous resident DJs, they are probably better known for their many special guest DJs which have included Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Der Dritte Raum, The Disco Boys, The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Tiefschwarz, Roman Flügel and many others. They are also reknowned for their Clubnight Extras which are all-night parties lasting up to 8 hours and their Clubnight Specials which span several days.

Upcoming Shows

For a list of upcoming shows, visit the Line-Up section of the YouFM Clubnight website.

To listen to a show, visit the Web Radio section of the YouFM website on Saturday nights from 9:00pm-11:00pm (+1 GMT).

Resident DJs


Name Genre Info Official Site
Sven Väth Techno
Torsten Fenslau Techno
Lady D Hip-hop
Chilly T. Hip-hop
Heinz Felber House
Mark Spoon Trance Deceased
Talla 2XLC Trance
Ulli Brenner Trance


Name Genre Info Official Site
Bassface Sascha DnB/Jungle YouFM Info
Chris Liebing Techno YouFM Info
DJ Dag Tech-house YouFM Info
DJ Mem-Brain Hip-hop YouFM Info
Gayle San Techno YouFM Info
Ian Pooley Tech-house YouFM Info
Karotte Tech-house YouFM Info
Kitsune Hip-hop YouFM Info
Pascal FEOS Minimal YouFM Info
Tom Wax Tech-house YouFM Info


Want to know the name of a song you heard on a Clubnight mix? Go to one of these sites for the tracklisting.