Configuring Torrent Search

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Configuring Torrent Search

The Torrents Search page can be configured in several different ways to suit your own preference.

At the top right of the screen there are 8 small icons - 7 coloured dots and a star:


Each of the dot icons change the format of the search page:

Red - Advanced Search

Advancedsearch reddot.png

Pink - Big Cloud

Bigcloud pinkdot.png

Orange - Classic

Classic orangedot.png

Yellow - Classic with Tags

Classicwithtags yellowdot.png

White - Clean

Clean whitedot.png

Blue - Cloud

Cloud bluedot.png

Green - Tags

Tags greendot.png

Saving Your Preference

Once you have decided which version of the search suits you then you can set that version as your default by clicking the yellow star icon to the right of the 7 coloured dots.

You can also set your default search page via your Preferences page.