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Well, if you want an upcoming event, you should check out the mighty FIREFLY!

Here's all you need to know:


24th Feb 07 10pm - 6am


Click here to buy online - [2]

The Slam boys hail from the city of Scotland, from a small district called Glasgow. From there they spend weeks at a time in their underground lair, feeding only on Buckfast and the occasional passing chav. Delicious. It's obviously not a diet to be sniffed at, cos these boys do amazing things to dance music. It is in their natural habitat that they've honed their devastating ability to rock the arse off every party they play at. Come worship at the Slam's altar.

Paul Mac is a dude! He's been DJing for over 19 years - he's getting on ;) - and has tracked a path through electro, hip hop, acid house and has settled where every good man should, with the tribal East London techno sound. He's been producing records since forever. Miss him at your peril! We know where you live, and we will find you!

Madox. Stefano Miele PHD. This man is rapidly taking the world by storm. Named after a menacing pirate, this man roams the turntables of this world, laying waste to crowds with his techno fuelled breakbeat grooves. He's even gone and pillaged himself an award for being the bestest producer of breakbeat music in the world. He da man! Come let him sully you. Aurally.