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Pcutmp3 is a Java based program that lets you cut and trim MP3 files losslessly (i.e. without any quality loss as there is no re-encoding). Ideal for removing adverts or unwanted intros/outros from your radio mixes.

Originally created by Sebastian Gesemann it is now maintained by Christopher Banes.

Help File

PCutMP3 -- Properly Cut MP3 v0.95b by Sebastian Gesemann


 This tool is able to do sample granular cutting of MP3 streams via
 the LAME-Tag's delay/padding values. A player capable of properly
 interpreting the LAME-Tag is needed in order to enjoy this tool.


 java -jar pcutmp3.jar [<options>] [<source-mp3-filename>]
 (Default operation is scanning only)

Available options:

 --cue <cue-filename>     split source mp3 via cue sheet
                          mp3 source can be omitted if it's already
                          referenced by the CUE sheet
 --crop t:s-e[,t:s-e[..]] crop tracks manually, t = track#
                          s = start sample/time (inclusive)
                          e = end sample/time (exclusive)
                          Time is specified in [XXm]YY[.ZZ]s
                          for XX minutes and YY.ZZ seconds
 --out <scheme>           specify custom naming scheme where
                          %s = source filename (without extension)
                          %n = track number (leading zero)
                          %t = track title (from CUE sheet)
                          %p = track performer (from CUE sheet)
                          %a = album name (from CUE sheet)
                          Default is "%n. %p - %t"
 --dir <directory>        specify destination directory
                          Default is the current working directory
 --album <albumname>      set album name (for ID3 tag)
 --artist <artistname>    set artist name (for ID3 tag)


 Option parameters which contain space characters must be
 enclosed via quotation marks (see examples).


 java -jar pcutmp3.jar --cue something.cue --out "%n - %t"
 java -jar pcutmp3.jar --crop 1:0-8000,2:88.23s-3m10s largefile.mp3

Developed by Sebastian Gesemann.

 ID3v2 Support added by Chris Banes using the library JID3.


https://github.com/dacto/pcutmp3-gui - newest version

http://code.google.com/p/pcutmp3/ - previous version

http://jaybeee.themixingbowl.org/other/pcutmp3.jar (v0.95b - old version) - original last version

http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=35654&view=findpost&p=314305 (original development thread although download no longer available)