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RICHA's Logo

RICHA is The Renegade Internet Cat Hating Alliance, a group of people who despise images which display felines with humorous taglines, also known as lolcats.

It is RICHA's goal to rid the internet, and eventually the entire world of photos of funny and cute cats. Recently, RICHA attempted to extend this campaign to members of other species, including but not limited to: dogs, owls, gerbils, hamsters, aardvarks, bunnies, turtles, gingers, and sabre-tooth tigers. This modification of their doctrine was not fully embraced by their memberbase due to the fact that people had joined RICHA under the impression that they were specifically hunting lolcats. After much debate, RICHA returned to it's original plan, the destruction of lolcats in particular.

RICHA members are often under-cover, and many groups who are sympathetic to their cause are as yet unknown. The estimated number of their allies is in the hundreds of thousands. Many animals who also hate the popularity that cats have obtained through their lolcat brethren have aligned with RICHA. Some animals known to have helped RICHA are Stabby dave the Racoon, Ian the Angry Gibbon Assassin (who may or may not even be a gibbon, and has been suggested to actually be a macaque), Kevin the Rabid Crocodile, Lethal Barry the Tiny Warrior monkey, Stan and Jan the Killer poodle twins, Curiosity the Suicidal Jihadist Duck, an unnamed cat-slaying blue tit, Alf the Cat-Eating Alien, various dogs who bite and sit on cats, and a rabbit who rapes cats to infect them with it's evil, poisonous seed.

Also, it must be noted that, for an unknown reason, the Oompa Loompas are known to work closely with RICHA in a lab setting where they carry out experiments into new ways to win against internet cats. They have also been proven to be quite effective when torturing cats for information as to the whereabouts of all the bases which belong to them.

List of known RICHA operatives

  • GrandPooBaa
  • InBeats
  • Nifty
  • Plugg
  • l3allistic
  • stifone
  • dsticker
  • oscawhit
  • shyker
  • bennyf
  • hungryanteater
  • cyanide
  • perks
  • DWSR
  • surgeon
  • wildmonkeyuk
  • Unzinc
  • DELangley
  • superjoel
  • xill
  • randomhero
  • bluenicks
  • Bear Grylls
  • Jackie Chan

List of RICHA's public allies

  • Hiroshima Society of Internet Cat Loathing (HSICL)
  • Wisconsin Cat Haters (WCH)
  • People Who Enjoy Eating Tasty Animals (PWEETA)

List of people known to oppose RICHA

  • Vitalic
  • Funkapotamus
  • cm1179
  • spook
  • irv
  • luvtub