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Editing a page

There are two ways of doing this. the edit button at the top of the page next to the discussion and history tabs will open the WHOLE page for editing, while the edit links at the right of the page will open up the section below them untill the next edit button for editing.

And most importantly: Anything you dont understand, just look at the code! Thats what wiki is all about! learn by doing...

Using different Headlines (Headline 1)

Headlines break up the page, and allow you to create sections for easier editing and better page browsing (via context menu) The is the biggest headline, and is actually bigger than the standard headline. string: = Headline 1 =

Headline 1 is reserved for page titles and should therefore not be used in article contents in normal circumstances.

Standard Headline

This is the standard headline, and is inserted by pressing the button on the edit page that shows a Capital 'A'. String: == Standard Headline ==

Headline 3

Smaller, and with no headline. Shows in Bold. string: === Headline 3 ===

Headline 4

Looks like bold text. string: ==== Headline 4 ====

Headline 5

Headlines are also used for creating lists. if you look at the contents menu, you will see that every headline created that uses more '=' signs than the previous indents a line. If you use the same number, then it stays on the same line (see using images (2.2) and its page's subsections)

Using images on your page

To insert an image

First you must upload the image via the upload file here:

Then you must return to the page/section you're editing, and use the string: [[Image:Example.jpg]]

Replace the 'Example.jpg' with the name of the image you've just uploaded and it will display as the image on the page.

To show the pictures name

To show the pictures name like this: SearchTMB.jpg then delete the 'Image:' in the string [[Image:SearchTMB.jpg]]

To link to an external image

To link to an image on another page like this: [[1]] then insert the address of the image instead of the "Image:uploaded pictures name", like this: [[]]