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With MP3 files, the artist, album and track names can be embedded in the files using ID3 tags. Not everyone uses them, it's NOT a requirement for uploading files and it's completely up to the individual (but there are rules on titling torrents).

Many people do like tags, and there are many ways to tag a programme. However the general consensus is as follows:

  • Title: same as the torrent title which would be date show and name of person on that show
  • Artist: name of the person on that show
  • Album: radio show

So for example, DJ Wotsit mixing on the Breezeblock on the 4th November 2007 would be tagged:

  • Title: "2007-11-04 - BB - DJ Wotsit"
  • Artist: "DJ Wotsit"
  • Album: "Breezeblock"

And whilst you're at it, embed an image as album art into ID3 tags as well. There are some great old logos here: