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Major update. Lame3.98b6 now the recommended encoder. See also the discussion to the LAME page here on the WIKI.

Specific changes on the MP2 page:

  • removed --vbr-new in most cases as it is now the standard VBR mode in 3.98.
  • added a new command-line choice for LAME and ALL2LAME to better reflect some issues specific to digital broadcasts (DVB-T, DVB-C, Freeview, SAT, DAB, ...), for example the 48kHz samplerate or the general lowpass of digital broadcasts in Europe at 16kHz. For the lame command-line that means a slight increase of the transcoding quality from -V2 to -V1 in combination with decreased MP3 file sizes (by applying an additional lowpass at 16kHz on the final MP3 to remove dithering noise for audio frequencies >16kHz to keep the file size small).

--Ojay (2008-01-21--10:45)